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When you’re moving across the country, you’ll find that moving all those stacks of boxes is the easy part! Transporting your unwieldly, awkwardly shaped, and heavy furniture is a different story. If you plan to rent a trailer or a moving truck, you might find it’s impossible to fit all your furnishings inside. Additionally, the burden is on you to make sure that everything is properly secured. If that wasn’t enough, the trial of transporting your goods along busy interstate roads can quickly wear down your nerves.


Hiring a moving company through Kip’s Cross Country Movers allows you to pass the burden of moving your furniture on to someone else. We work with reputable long distance carriers to bring you the best rates on cross-country furniture moving services. Kip’s takes the time to carefully vet all the movers in our directory, so we can promise you that each service is licensed and insured. With this assurance, you won’t have to worry about liability issues even if something goes wrong.

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Cost to Ship Furniture Across Country

Shipping a single piece of furniture cross-country typically costs around $500, but the exact cost will depend on the size, weight, and distance from origin to destination. Many carriers can accommodate smaller furniture shipments as a piggyback onto an existing move. Moving an entire household of furniture may cost several thousand dollars, but will depend on the weight of the shipment.


Cross-Country Furniture Shipping and Moving Services

Our cross country moving partners offer the following furniture transport services to get your belongings where they need to go, in a timely manner, and without damage.


Packing and Wrapping

If you’re looking to get your furniture safely to your new property, simply stuffing it in a truck and getting on your way simply won’t cut it. When you hire a mover through Kip’s Cross Country Movers, your things are placed in the safe hands of relocation specialists who understand the best way to pack and wrap furniture. They can get your possessions to your home without you having to worry about tears, scrapes, or scuffs on your furniture.


Disassembly and Reassembly

Taking apart a piece of furniture is often a lot simpler than putting it back together. There are few things more frustrating than reassembling furniture only to find that the parts don’t fit quite right or realizing you have missing screws, nuts, or bolts. The moving companies in our directory are seasoned professionals who will disassemble your furniture with care, ensuring that parts are properly labeled, and small pieces organized and secured, to make reassembly a snap. They’ll also do the tedious work of making sure that your furniture is put back together and set up at your new property.


Wood Crating

Some furniture requires a deft touch when moving it to a new space. If you’re dealing with particularly valuable furniture or antique items, customized wood crates can provide your pieces with additional safety and security. We can find you a moving company to build crates that secure and pad your furniture for transport, ensuring your pieces don’t suffer any unnecessary damage during the transit process.


Moving and Hauling (Pick-up and Delivery)

Whether you’re looking to run an unwanted desk to the dump as a part of your spring cleaning, transport a sectional to another location for storage or auction, or ship your furniture to a new home, the moving companies you’ll find here are happy to help. They treat every customer with the patience, care, and attention they deserve, and they’re fully bonded, licensed, and insured for your peace of mind. You can rest easy when you use our movers to handle your furniture moving and hauling needs.



If you’re moving to a new home, a direct move is ideal, but sometimes a long-distance move makes the circumstances more complicated. Whether you’re looking to move your entire household into storage while you figure out your living situation, you want to set aside some furniture for later, or you’d like to place some expensive antiques aside for auction, sale, or charity, we can help you find a moving and storage company to meets your needs. A full-service mover can handle all the logistics of moving your furniture into and out of storage for you, so you have fewer things to worry about during your relocation.


Office Furniture

Moving an office or business often has more obstacles than organizing a residential relocation. The biggest hurdle is often the scale of the move – particularly if you’re relocating a mid- to large-sized company. Getting all the chairs, desks, and assorted other furniture you need to keep your office running smoothly can be a monumental task but hiring an outside moving company can turn an overwhelming ordeal into a weekend affair. When you use Kip’s Cross Country Movers to expedite your office move, you can have your staff back at their desks again with less downtime.


White Glove Handling

When you want movers who are ready to go above and beyond the call of duty, white glove handling is the best solution. When you make use of white glove moving services, you won’t have to lift a finger, and you’ll know that your relocation specialists will do everything in their power to make sure your move goes exactly as you intended. White glove services include disassembling and reassembling furniture, custom crating and wrapping, and door-to-door service. While it may cost a tad more than traditional moving services, you’ll have the assurance of knowing your furniture is being handled with the utmost care.


Specialty Items

Whether you’re transporting pool tables, pianos, or safes, some items need a special level of precaution during the shipping process. Find a mover that specializes in the transport of these specialty items through Kip’s Cross Country Movers.

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Tips for Moving and Storing Your Furniture

Compared with moving your other household goods, moving furniture comes with unique considerations. While you can expect the moving company you hire to handle most of the heavy lifting, there are several things you can do to protect your furniture and make the process easier.


Prepare for the Movers by Clearing Obstacles

A cluttered home makes moving more difficult, so it’s important to prep your space before the movers arrive. Moving companies typically load furniture onto the truck first, then fill in the remaining space with boxes and smaller items. To facilitate the loading of furniture, be sure to leave clear paths in and out of the home to allow your moving crew easy access each piece. Leaving boxes blocking the way or sitting on furniture is only going to run up the clock and make things more difficult for everyone.


Stay On-Site on Moving Day

While the movers are going to be doing most of the labor, make sure that you or someone else you trust, is on-site the entire time. That ensures that you’ll be ready to quickly respond if they have any questions.


Create a Floorplan

It’s also worthwhile to plan out how you want your new space laid out. Devising a floorplan in advance allows your movers to put everything in the right place the first time around, which means less rearranging after the moving truck pulls away.


Communicate in Advance

Also, be sure to communicate what exactly you’re moving with the company, so they arrive with all the equipment needed for the job. For example, pianos may require special tools to disassemble, while appliances or pool tables require heavy-duty dollies to bear extra weight.


Prepare Your Furniture for Transit

Unless you intend to spring for packing, disassembly, and reassembly services, you should consider taking extra measures to ensure the security of your furniture. Most movers will arrive with cushions, blankets, and other items to protect your furniture during loading and on the truck but taking extra precautions can never hurt. Get your packing supplies ready in advance. This will prevent you having to make unnecessary trips during crunch time and create a smoother packing process. Bubble wrap, plastic wrap, protective covers, and sealable plastic bags are all useful for wrapping furniture. If you’re disassembling any pieces yourself, take pictures of each step, so reassembly is straightforward once you arrive at your new home.


Take Precautions When Storing Furniture

Even if you intend to temporarily store your furniture, you should take measures to make sure it is safely preserved. Clean and wrap furniture to prevent any damage. Also, consider laying down pallets or cinder blocks on the floor of the unit to guard against damage that could be caused by pests, flooding, or any other natural circumstances. Additionally, be judicious in how tightly you pack your unit, as stuffing a unit too tight is one of the easiest ways to accidentally cause damage.


Moving your furniture cross-country doesn’t have to be difficult! Find movers to handle shipping and hauling your furniture for you through Kip’s Cross Country Movers. All quotes from our network of licensed, insured movers are FREE! Request an estimate today and compare rates from the best furniture transport companies in the country.

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