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Moves don’t always go according to plan, and the chances of everything not lining up only increase when you’re talking about moving across the country. The logistics of an interstate move can be imprecise, but just because you hit a snag along the way doesn’t mean you have to be left hanging. Whether you know ahead of time that there’s a gap between moving out of your old place and into a new one or an unforeseen circumstance crops up once you reach your new destination, you can count on Kip’s Cross Country Movers to make sure your belongings are safe and secure while you work out the kinks. We curate a carefully selected directory of movers who are fully licensed, insured, and offer in-transit storage options in addition to their traditional moving services.

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While in-transit storage services have a lot in common with more traditional self-storage options, they aren’t quite the same thing. In-transit storage is a service offered by moving companies to temporarily keep your belongings safe during your relocation. Self-storage, on the other hand, offers a means to store away your possessions for an indeterminate time. With storage-in-transit, rather than getting a key to a facility that you access directly, your items will be kept under the watchful eye of your moving company and then delivered at a time that’s right for you. It could be that you want to spend some time traveling the U.S. before settling down, that there’s a gap in time between the move-out date at your old place or the move-in date at your new one, or that you hit a snag with financing. Regardless of the reason for needing storage services during your move, you can entrust your belongings to the moving company without having to worry about them arriving at your new home safely. There are a few things you should consider when choosing a provider for in-transit storage services.



Storage facilities can make a particularly appealing target for thieves, so it’s important to make sure that your storage company has protocol in place to properly protect the items you cherish. Be sure to ask the company about their security features. Secure gate access is a must, but security cameras can make all the difference in the safety of your things. Having uniformed patrols on-site can provide an additional level of assurance when you’re looking to store priceless mementos remotely.



Criminals aren’t the only threat to the safety of your possessions. Water damage, rodents, and insects can quickly devastate the things you own. When inspecting a facility, you’ll want to make sure that pest control services are performed routinely, and belongings are elevated off the ground to reduce the risk of infestation by pests. Also look for the presence of dust and debris. A storage company that doesn’t keep its facilities sanitary is probably not a good match for your needs, even if they do offer rock bottom prices.


Storage Services

If you’re in possession of sensitive and delicate items, stuffing them away in a storage space probably isn’t enough to alleviate your peace of mind. You’ll want to check to make sure that the company has the crates and specialized boxes to store away your things properly. Be sure to discuss their procedure for storing and sealing more fragile objects. Since in-transit storage happens during the middle of your move, improperly stored boxes at the facility could result in damage during delivery.


Designated Shelf Space

Using a company to oversee your in-transit moving services means that you don’t have to worry about organizing your things yourself, but you’ll still want to assess the design of the facility. Having designated shelf space makes it easier for your movers to properly categorize your boxes and make sure they end up in the right room. Regardless of the facilities, you’ll probably want to document your possessions carefully in case something goes wrong.


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