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When you’re looking to move a piano across state lines, you can’t afford to just pack it in the back of a truck and be on your way. Whether you’re talking about a simple upright piano or a massive grand piano, this is a sensitive musical instrument, and the slightest bump or drop can cause extensive and expensive damage. Traveling hundreds of miles only compounds the difficulty of safely transporting your piano. For this move, you’ll want to enlist the services of qualified piano moving professionals. Kip’s Cross Country Movers can connect you with a piano moving company that’s honest, reliable, and fully licensed and insured. They’ll make sure your piano gets to its destination looking like it did when it left your current home. Plus, you won’t have to worry about dealing with any complicated equipment or throwing out your back in the process. If you’re a dealer looking to move pianos in bulk, we can help you find a moving company that’s ready to tackle the task at hand.


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How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano Across the Country?

According to industry data, the average cross-country piano move costs between $500-$2000. The actual cost to move your piano depends on several factors, including:


  • Type of piano – Are you moving an upright or a grand piano? Grand pianos weigh more and require more disassembly, so they cost more to move. 
  • Piano size – Weight is an important factor when determining how much it will cost to transport your piano. The larger the piano, the more expensive the shipping costs.
  • Distance – How far are you moving? If you’re move takes you just a couple of states away, it will likely cost less to transport your piano than if you’re moving from one coast to the other.
  • Complexity – If the movers must contend with stairs, elevators, narrow passageways, or other complicating factors, this will likely increase the cost of moving your piano.
  • Timeframe – Do you need your piano moved quickly or can you wait a few weeks for delivery? Expect to pay more if you required expedited delivery of your piano.

Affordable Piano Moving Services

Your professional piano mover provides end-to-end services, ensuring your fine-tuned instrument makes the entire journey – from packing to reassembly – unscathed.



If you’ve ever tried taking a piano apart yourself, you probably understand how complicated its inner workings are. Just because you think you understand how everything goes back together doesn’t mean that it will play like it should once it’s reassembled, and doing the job right often requires complex and specialized equipment. When you hire a piano moving service, you aren’t just getting experienced service. You’re getting the assurance that everything will fit back together the way it should once it’s time to set your piano up in its new home.


Piano and Organ Transport

The largest pianos can weigh over half a ton, but even more modestly-sized varieties of this instrument are no joke. Regardless of how heavy, sensitive, or elaborate your piano or organ is, a fully licensed and insured moving company can help you get it across state lines safely. They can assist you through every step of the delivery process to make sure that your beloved instrument doesn’t suffer any cosmetic scuffs or serious damage during the trip.



Storing a piano requires some serious practical considerations. Climate control is a necessity when dealing with a sensitive wooden appliance like a piano, and you’ll want to be sure that there’s enough space for the piano to stand upright. Kip’s Cross Country Movers offers an extensive directory of moving and storage services who have their own storage facilities to keep your piano in tip-top shape until you need it. These moving companies can help you understand the factors you need to consider when storing your piece and will help you get your piano to its new storage space.


Piano Reassembly

Just because your piano makes it safely to its new home doesn’t mean it’s ready to be played. Reassembling a piano can be a painstaking task, and one wrong move can result in a piano that doesn’t play like it should. Recruit the services of a qualified moving company to reassemble your piano in the wake of a cross-country relocation.

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How to Move a Piano Across the Country

A piano is more than just a musical instrument or a conversational piece for your home. It’s a remarkable feat of engineering. But between a piano’s size and its delicate inner parts, moving it is no easy task. If you’re planning a cross-country relocation and need to figure out how to take your piano with you, you’ll want to enlist the services of a quality moving company. There are a few things you should know ahead of hiring a mover:


Figure Out the Logistics

Even the lightest pianos typically weigh hundreds of pounds, which makes them one of the most difficult items to move. Due to the sheer size of your piano, you’ll want to prioritize moving this monstrous instrument off your property. Make sure that your moving company has a clear pathway to access the piano, even if that means readjusting furniture and clearing any boxes out of the way. This preventative measure will cut down on the time to disassemble, pack, and load the piano, making the whole affair much easier for your moving crew.


Consider Springing for Disassembly and Reassembly

While smaller pianos and organs can be moved as is, larger grand pianos require disassembly to safely load onto the moving truck. Hiring a professional to take apart and put the piano back together reduces the risk of any damage during the trip. We advise piano owners to not do the job themselves, as what may seem like a simple affair at the start can turn into a logistical nightmare if you don’t have the right tools or expertise to deal with such a complex, fragile instrument.


Do All the Necessary Research

While all the moving companies in our network are fully licensed and insured for interstate moves, keep in mind that moving a piano is a highly specialized task, so you need to keep additional considerations in mind. In addition to getting price estimates, you should speak with your potential candidates to determine how much experience they have moving pianos. You may want to even consider hiring a separate company to handle your piano move, independent from the crew that you hire to oversee your general household relocation services.


Document the Move Before and After

You can rely on our movers to provide you with honest and reliable service. And you should be confident in your move if you’ve done your due diligence, but one can never be too careful. Take photos of your piano or organ before your moving company stops by. You’re going to want to have clear documentation from every angle along with time stamps so that you’re fully protected in case the worst happens. Once your piano has been relocated to your new home, make sure to undergo a careful inspection. Keep your photos readily available so you can compare any dents or scratches, and make sure that your movers are present while performing your inspection.


Moving a piano across the country may seem like a daunting task, but it’s well worth it when you consider the joy of playing it in your new home. To minimize the hassle of your piano relocation, enlist the help of one of our piano moving experts. Request a free quote today and compare estimates from multiple piano movers who can service your move!

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